Four Muses (Le Wagon)
Four Muses (Le Wagon)

Four Muses (Le Wagon)

⚡️ Intro

This product was built during the final two weeks of the coding bootcamp by Le Wagon. This was my first experience designing and developing a new product and push it to live production.

📅 Timeline & Role

Product Name Four Muses
Jul → Jul 2020 I worked on this case study during the last two week of the Le Wagon coding bootcamp.
Caroline Bixner Product Designer & Developer I worked on this case study in collaboration with @Marta Fuste Lazcano, @Patricia Recarte Iguaz and @Alejandro Udaquiola. Most of the project we worked remote due to Covid 19. The process went smooth and it was a great learning experience to work with Github with a team and develop a product from scratch.

🔨 Toolstack



Prototyping & Testing



Ruby on Rails

🗓️ Setup

Le Wagon is a full stack coding bootcamp with a focus on entrepreneurship. Half way during the bootcamp students with product ideas get to pitch their idea and the fellow students get to give their top three of projects which they would like to work with. Luckily I was placed with at my number one - Four Muses.

💡Product idea

Target Traditional visual artists (paint, sculpture, photography, architecture) // galleries looking for up-and-coming artists; all without agents
Pain Traditional arts are purely moved by contacts and agents, making it difficult for the smaller artist to reach and showcase in any mid-tier gallery
Solution An art-focused network where artists can share their work, connect, and apply to contests for exhibition space in different galleries.
Originality By connecting the traditional with the online, it avoids unaffordable agents, while increasing artists' potential reach, network and future prospects

🎨 Design Process

During the bootcamp one day is dedicated to a Design Sprint. This was my first encounter with Figma and we had to design a lo fi prototype to share with the rest of the group. The goal of the exercise was to get acquainted with building components and the prototyping feature of Figma.

Below our result after one day of designing.

However, after having just completed an introduction course to webdesign by Designlab I got inspired over the weekend and created a design for the app. Which I shared with my team, they liked and we decided to use it for our project.

First I created two design pallets for inspiration.


I chose the second one to continue with in Figma. Below the result that I shared with my team.


Below the final result, which we used for our product. During the project weeks we had help from our frontend teacher with some of the designs and layout. Please note the focus of this project was mostly on developing the product and not so much on the design. It was also only a two week project, so often designs were updated in the code and not in Figma.

💻 Development

During the final two weeks we coded the product with Ruby on Rails, using also JavaScript and HTML / CSS. I had already developed my preference for frontend so my contribution was mostly on the frontend code as the rest of my team preferred the backend. Check out the GitHub to see more of the code.

✔️ Outcome

Check out the website of Four Muses. Please note that due to time constraints we only developed it for mobile view.

Also please check out the presentation of Four Muses during the Demo Day of Le Wagon. The presentation is held by Patrica, who came up with the product idea.